STR8UP Mentoring Foundation is dedicated to supporting at-risk urban youth on their journey to success. Founded on the belief that every young person deserves guidance and support, we provide a range of programs and initiatives aimed at empowering youth and building brighter futures.

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Outreach for At-Risk Youth

STR8UP Mentoring Foundation

STR8UP Mentoring Foundation is passionate about meeting at-risk urban youth exactly where they are in their journey, through educational partnerships (K-12 through the young adult), intramural sports and character/team building outreach events. We strongly believe that positive community mentors and early intervention are key in helping guide a path to success for at-risk youth. At STR8UP you’ll find, mentors who are vested in the community and who believe in real talk, owning your choices, doing your personal best and working towards a bright future.

STR8UP spring and fall camps are daylong retreats where at-risk youth enjoy a day outside of their normal environment for team-building, inspirational conversations and outdoor fun!

At-risk inner city youth and our STR8UP mentor team hike, canoe and enjoy team outdoor activities during our spring and fall camp. “Most of the youth have never experienced anything like this before,” says Kurt Moore, founder of STR8UP Mentoring Foundation. “I enjoy seeing their smiles and how the camp impacts each youth. At the end of the day, we give out medals, t-shirts and cinch sacks and they’re high-fiving each other and the mentors. Most are still talking about the experience months later. They see that there are possibilities for them and their future”.

STR8UP started within Arlington High School and is now partnering with numerous elementary, middle and high schools within the Indianapolis area, including Washington High School and Ben Davis High School.

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Helping Central Indiana At-Risk Youth Shine Bright

STR8UP Mentoring Foundation of Central Indiana is transforming at-risk urban youth through partnerships, education, outreach and unique camps.